About us

The Adam Bornbaum GmbH has been a reliable producer of contact rivets, supplying the electrical and automobile industries since 1984.

Our company meets industry demand with the focus of providing the highest quality, flexibility and reliability for our customers.

The highly motivated team of twenty employees at the Adam Bornbaum GmbH produces and distributes 400-600 million parts annually, utilizing the most modern equipment and practices, to Europe, USA and Asia.

Through our long-term experience we have been able to cooperate with our customers to develop new products that obtain optimum performance, while minimizing costs. Using our large assortment of machinery and the newest technologies and contact materials, we are able to customize our products to meet any demand and therefore act as a leader in our industry.

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New facilities for measurement in the quality department.

2014 New generation of machines with a shaft diameter 4,0mm is producing
rivets with shaft diameter up 4,0 mm and head diameter up to 10,0.

2010 New generation of machines with a shaft diameter 4,0mm is currently in project stage.

2009 Adam Bornbaum Gmbh is 25 years old

2008 Utilized new waste-water treatment facility to become more environmentally conscious.

2007 Due to large company growth it was necessary to extend our facilities, allowing an additional 1200 m2 of production area.

2006 Enterprise founder Adam Bornbaum made his sons Stefan and Helmut Bornbaum general managers. He continued working for the enterprise as an advisor.

1995 Received certification of DIN ISO 9002

1991 Moved to our new buildings in Neuhausen / Enzkreis,
Am Wasenbrunnen 1

1990/1991 Planned and created our own production hall.

1987 Relocated to Neuhausen / Enzkreis, Monbachstraße 7/1

1984 Established by Adam Bornbaum in Birkenfeld / Enzkreis with the focus of production and
sale of solid and bimetal contact rivets.

Adam Bornbaum GmbH - Am Wasenbrunnen 1 - 75242 Neuhausen/Enz. - Germany - bornbaum@bornbaum.de - Tel.: +49 (0)7234 6147

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